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PVD Tree Removal’s expert team offers a personalized care plan for shrubs in your yards!

Preventing Damage before it Begins

Have you ever wondered how disease and insects suddenly damage those beautiful and lush-looking shrubs in your backyard? Pests can easily damage trees and shrubs which have not been adequately maintained and regularly pruned.

Our trained and licensed arborists can correctly handle such irreparable damage before it destroys the beauty of your landscapes. Rhode Island tree service is one of the few, if not only, tree care services providers in Warwick, RI, which also offers shrub care and yard maintenance. 

Our Shrub and Yard Maintenance Expertise

Best tree and shrub care in Warwick, Rhode Island! We maximize tree growth and control pests.

At PVD Tree Removal, we are passionate about creating exotic, living yards with various plants and trees. Our all-inclusive shrub care services are designed to control pests and disease while maintaining the foliage’s beauty in your gardens.

Our Arborists will thoroughly assess existing trees and shrubs, discuss your goals with you and then provide a tailored plan based on the unique requirements, landscapes, and aesthetics of your yards.

Our shrub and yard care services include;

1.   Weed pulling and shrub maintenance

2.   Fungus and disease control

3.   Lawn maintenance and mowing

4.   Winter dormant oil

5.   Deep-root lawn fertilization

man removing tree branch
Arborist with chain saw

Weed pulling and shrub maintenance

If it continues to grow up, we’ll continue to show up.

What started as few tiny dandelions here and there can quickly take over your whole yard and destroy the beauty of your lawn. Rhode Island tree service experts know how to grow thick, green, and healthy grass.

Our arborists will help you win the war against weed by;

  • Using safest and targeted herbicide
  • Maintaining the nutrition of your lawns by proper supplementation
  • Completely eradicating weed from roots

Fungus and disease control

Those huge, hideous yellowish-brown patches in your lawn where green, healthy grass used to be are not easy to treat. With the application of disease and insect control, we strive to curb the problem at its source. Our approach also keeps any future harmful diseases or damaging insects at bay.

Arborist with chain saw

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