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PVD Tree Removal is the best choice when it comes to tree services. We are fully insured and have been serving Rhode Island since the early 2000s. Our team of arborists are trained to handle any job with ease. Whether it’s removing trees or pruning them back. Trust us with your landscaping needs!

You can rest easy knowing that our team will take care of everything from start to finish. From cutting down the tree to cleaning up after we’re done, we do it all, so you don’t have too! Plus, if you need stump grinding or other services like fertilization. We offer those as well at an affordable price! We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job no matter how big or small. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for free estimate!

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    Tree removal service Rhode Island.

    Sometimes tree removal becomes inevitable for reasons such as safety, location, construction needs, and tree health. We use two different methods, listed below, to safely remove trees.

    Straight Tree Felling
    Straight tree felling involves the removal of trees in a single unit. This process is ideally followed in situations that pose no serious threat to nearby property or human lives.

    Section Tree Felling
    When there is a need to take down the tree in a residential or crowded area, our experts skillfully remove the tree in sections using advanced tools.

    Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

    To remove stumps in trees with many lateral roots to destroy the underlying root system is not an easy task. By using the latest tools, our skilled tree technicians handle this complicated procedure with perfection.

    Tree Pruning, Planting & Transplanting

    Tree pruning involves many different elements, including trimming, crown thinning, shaping, clipping, and cutting back. PVD Tree Removal also provides the best advice on tree planting, including choice of species, sourcing high-quality plants and maintaining supplies for tree protection.

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    Crane tree removal Rhode Island

    Shrub Care & Yard maintenance

    Well-maintained shrubs can be a gorgeous addition to your yards. We provide personalized care for shrubs’ maintenance in your backyards, including routine maintenance, trimming, and weed pulling.

    Specialist Arborists & stump grinding

    From licensed arborists to expert tree surgeons, Rhode Island tree service has got you covered. Our arborists and tree surgeons are the most trusted choice in Warwick for providing effective tree care service solutions.