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Cranston Rhode Island

Cranston Rhode Island is one of the most diverse cities in Rhode Island. The population has been increasing steadily, and it’s estimated that over 80% are born outside Cranston to immigrant families who have come here for opportunity or refuge from domestic violence.

A proud member city on our great state, this thriving metropolis has seen big changes since its humble beginnings as Pawtuxet village; first settled by English puritans fleeing religious oppression before being renamed after James Walter Cranny (an Irish settler) – also known colloquially around these parts simply enough-as “the man”.

Cranston is a great place to live in Rhode Island. The suburb has an urban feel with all the conveniences of living only minutes away from city life, but still feels like home thanks to many green spaces and parks for relaxation or playing sports on any day of the week! Most people own their homes which make it easy to accessorize as desired without worrying about renting forever because you’ll be tied into one property company that knows everything there’s ever know bout real estate

A lot can happen within 24 hours-you might find yourself interested enough by the town that we hope becomes yours too at least temporarily while exploring what makes us special here -and then tomorrow could bring something else entirely differently exciting so now would not last long enough!

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