Tree Prunning

Tree Pruning-Trimming

Trimming, Crown shaping, clipping, weight reduction, and weight distribution, PVD Tree Removal’s Pruning services help a tree to stay healthy!

In addition to nurturing tree health and enhancing the life expectancy of the tree, tree pruning also helps with alleviating risks. By cutting back overgrown and overweight branches, tree trimming prevents the trees from getting imbalanced. This procedure of even distribution of the weight throughout the structure of trees significantly brings down the risk of branch snapping or a potential storm uprooting the whole tree. Tree pruning also allows easy passage for air and light through the crown. Getting your trees evaluated and pruned by our expert arborists goes a long way in ensuring that your trees live long and healthy.

Our Tree Trimming Expertise

PVD Tree Removal’s certified arborists are experts at identifying and performing any pruning technique- the trees require. Our tree pruning services include but are not limited to the following areas.

Tree Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the tree pruning technique of removing several selected branches in a way that allows more air and light to pass through without altering the overall shape and size of the tree. This technique results in retaining the natural shape of the tree by decreasing the tree density. Crown thinning also helps with getting rid of dead and dying branches.

Arborists with chain saw

Tree Crown Reduction and shaping

This process involves pruning the branches in the canopy or the outer circumference of the tree. The intent is to shrink the overall size of the tree. Deadwood removal is another reason to consider crown reduction and shaping. Crown reduction also results in limited root growth, beneficial for the nearby property.

Hedge Trimming

Unlike trees, hedges usually require trimming twice annually. PVD Tree Removal provides a professional hedge trimming service tailored to your needs. Regardless of the size, our creative arborists can trim hedges and shrubs into a nice, clean, and tidy shape. We always responsibly remove and dispose of all the cuttings after completing the job.

Arborists with chain saw

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