Does homeowners insurance cover preventative tree removal Warwick RI?

Trees are a common sight in Warwick, and sometimes they need some help to stay healthy. Tree services from the arborists at PVD Tree Removal can provide you with a lot of tips. Starting on how best to take care of your trees. But also how to protect them against disease or storm damage!

Trees are often an appealing part of the landscape, but they can also pose many risks to your property and belongings. In some cases, it’s necessary to remove trees from your yard for safety reasons.

This is where the expert of PVD Tree Removal can help you.

Preventative tree removal is not necessarily covered by homeowners’ insurance. However, we do suggest that you read your insurance policy. Also contact your agent to be sure. There might be another option if you’ve had damage done by the diseases or a storm. You can file a claim with your property insurer in those particular events.

The policy you have with your homeowner’s insurance company may exclude certain types of damage. Like falling branches. If they do, you’ll have to cover those cost. If conditions are good enough, you could prune or cut them down yourself!

If it is not the case, then contact PVD Tree Removal. We can assess whether a particular branch poses too much risk for others in proximity. Every case is different, but we could recommend appropriate measures.

Tree removal is an important decision. It impacts not only the safety of yourself and your family but also those around you. Especially if a tree falls on someone else’s property or home. In some cases, a tree can fall due to negligence. Then liability can come into play too! Even though it may seem out of your responsibility. You might be forced to remove the fallen tree from our neighbor’s yard.

Preventative tree removal before the tree falls

Many homeowners are surprised when they look at their insurance policies. Most insurance companies will not approve preemptive removal of diseased and dead trees. This is considered normal maintenance. So cutting down these healthy ones remains your responsibility as well! Even if it would save money in the long run from a more costly recovery effort later on. They won’t budge unless there’s an imminent collapse around them. Which isn’t always clear-cut.

Need to complete some routine tree removal and landscape maintenance around the home? Don’t rely on your insurance company alone.

It’s easy for them not to cover these services. They use exclusions like “acts of God”. The main reason is that there’s no way for them to foresee and accurately price the risks. Do you have the right equipment and skills? Then you’ll be better off not relying on them for your tree maintenance. However, tree cutting and trimming can be risky. It is always better to use expert tree surgeons to do the job for you.

After a fall, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover both tree removal and repairs for damage. Only after the fallen limb has caused any type of physical injury or property damages. However, there are restrictions on coverage. It depends on where it falls, as well as what kind of bodily harm an accident does to you. Most policies will pay out even if only partway down, scratches something instead. But some won’t entirely cover these instances. Unless they cause significant injuries among other things too!

Tree removal after storm in Warwick RI

Tree removal on Neighbor’s Property

Did your tree fell onto your neighbor’s property and damages their home? The good news is that they are usually covered under insurance. Unless you were cutting down the tree yourself. Or knew it was an issue and failed to act accordingly with safety precautions. Like removing the tree or risk management.  

However, some policies include an exclusion on damages. Those might be considered to be “pre-existing”. The key here is whether you had prior knowledge of any pre-existing damage. Or if they can prove that you failed to carry out regular inspections. Even if this is proven accurate, your insurance company might not pay for any damages. 

If you work with us, we can help you get things done in no time without any extra costs. Our goal is to keep our customers safe and satisfied. We offer flexible hours and friendly service along with competitive price!

Removal of fallen tree in a yard in Rhode Island

Does Insurance Pay to Remove Fallen Trees in Warwick RI?

Insurance may cover the costs of removing fallen trees, but it’s not a guarantee. If you have insurance and your home is damaged by storm or other events. Like when someone cuts down one of their own trees without permission. Then this could raise some questions. Will the company foot the bill for getting rid of any collateral damages caused by an outside force!

There are many types of insurance policies. It’s important to make sure you know which one covers what. Especially before starting reconstruction. Do you have a home with fallen trees on your property? Have they fallen due to natural disasters or tropical storms? If it is a yes, the insurances can provide some cover for repairs from these events. But not all companies offer this kind of service! You’ll want to find out. Specifically, if there is coverage in case something goes wrong during renovation projects. Like removing debris left behind after an accident with power equipment. Or even just hacking away at dead wood until everything gets chopped up small enough so no more falls.

If you think a tree is going to fall on your house, get insurance. Do you have two fallen trees? And the company won’t cover it because they’re both within their coverage limit? Then offer them what we call “paid mitigation.” This means paying someone else who does remove or fix this problem. Instead of doing so yourself at no cost, use the help from an arborist professional such as ourselves!

What if Your Tree Falls on Your Neighbor’s Home?

Did a tree fall on your neighbor’s home due to excessive water or wind condition? If it is the case, it will be covered by their insurance.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies include coverage for certain outdoor issues.  They tend to pay for damage to flower beds, shrubs and other trees. Just keep in mind, the deductible may already cover more than what’s being replaced. Does your plan does offer payment towards installation labor costs? So it might not be worth trying a claim. Or just replaces plants themselves instead of repairing them. As well as providing replacement value on losses from these items altogether.

What Should You Do if Your Tree Falls and Damages Property?

Trees are one of the most common causes for personal property insurance claims. Whether your tree falls onto your own land or damages that of a neighbor. You should always photograph any evidence. Call to find out what kind of coverage is available through his/her company. Do it before doing anything else with it.  Especially if there’s potential liability involved in removing said fallen branch!

Knowing the facts about trees can help you avoid disasters during a storm. Make sure your house and property are safe. Check with an arborist before purchasing insurance. It should contain a good protection against natural hazards. Like fires or high winds, which may be caused by fallen branches from unstable ones.

tree fall on house Rhode Island